I honestly don’t know how many people I will reach with this, or how far my voice goes, but any amount that I can help I want to. For those of you that reside in the US, beware. The national guard is being deployed in several cities (Boston and Philidelphia have been specifically named), and they have been cleared to use live ammunition. The police have already been inciting conflicts by being the first to begin firing, attacking, arresting, etc of peaceful protest,*obHsRJxMNv_yYfsxB7oyJw#gid=0 

Please, whatever you do, if you are joining protest tonight or going forward, please be careful. Lives are on the line, and because of that I won’t ask any of you join the protest (though you should show your support in any way that you can). Because lives are on the line however I will be joining the protest in my city from tonight onward. I cannot sit idly by while the people meant to be protecting us completely ignore constitutional, civil, and basic human rights in an attempt to silence us by force. Things have escalated past the point where I am capable of doing so any longer.

If you do decide to join the protest, please come as protected as you can. I’m personally going in a full set of motorcycle gear as well as a full helmet, bringing as much water as I can both to keep people hydrated and help wash peoples eyes in the event of teargas, and bringing along additional battery-packs so I can make sure if anything goes down I can keep it documented. Many people have composed guides on what to bring, what to do, and what to study up on before you join the protest. I urge you to read them. My personal advice is: do not assume safety. In several situations, police have begun opening fire on people attempting to give medical care to those that have been shot or injured.

Let me close by saying again, please be careful out there. There is still a pandemic on the loose, so do what you can to remain healthy as well. Oh! And please, whatever you do, keep the protest peaceful.

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4 Responses to Protest

  1. Triger says:

    Stay safe and dont get caught up in any riots


  2. Belkar says:

    Not from the USA, so I can’t say I know much of what is going on, but you be careful yourself Vaan.


  3. Teresa says:

    Peaceful?? Oh so burning my car is peaceful, burning my house is peaceful, beating up my husband to where he’s in the hospital is peaceful? I like your work vaan but I have to strongly disagree with you on that


    • VaanCruze says:

      Please do not misinterpret my comment as meaning that all of the police retaliation has been against peaceful protesters. The intent of my statement was that it has included protests that were entirely peaceful. The google doc I posted contains a compilation of examples. The fact that they are retaliating against peaceful protest is something completely unacceptable. Just as you have worried about the rioters harming your property, self, or loved ones, neither should I need to worry about the police doing the same just because I decided to exercise my right to peaceful assembly. I would argue even that it is less acceptable behavior as the people meant to be protecting us from such unlawfulness.


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