Creature Index


Humans: An ignorant and prideful species. Their belief is that “All things not human or animal should die”. This is the reason why no other humanoids integrate within human society. Humans are one of the weakest species that exist, but due to the existence of the Yuusha, they manage to dominate most other the existence of the Yuusha still manage to dominate most other species.

  • Notable Humans:

– Kiel: A helpless and lousy bandit brought into Maou’s group after a failed attempt at robbing her. He is an outcast in the village he lives in, because his parents were believed to be worshipers of the Maou.

– Kera: The owner of the only Monster shop located in the town of Jin. She is incredibly hard to deal with, as she loves to prank others. Little is known about her past.

– Tea: The owner of the best blacksmith located in the town of Jin. He is incredibly gullible, but overall a great guy. He cares for others and weapons more than he does his own life. He served as a mentor and role-model for Kiel.

– Faurch Batlier: The previous head of the Merchants’ Guild. He is shrouded in mystery, as he always seems to be scheming. It is unknown whether he is friend or foe. Regardless of his age and the fact that he has retired, he still plays an active role in the Merchants’ Guild and is well respected for his work and expertise.

– Harum Keite: The current head of the Merchants’ guild. He is a man with a short temper, despite that he is a formidable merchant His actions have earned him his role in the Merchants’ Guild, and he is likely one of the richest men alive.

– Rukal: An experienced mercenary with a temper. His wages are often low due to his unpleasant personality, but he can hold his own in a fight nonetheless.

– Kozu: A blond adolescent merchant who is friends with Tea. He is currently an apprentice of Harum, and shows much promise. He owns a small company that trades goods between towns that have a direct road to the capital. He seems to be enamored with Mano.

– The Princess: A beautiful girl who is around the same age as the Yuusha. Her pink hair and warm demeanor make her incredibly easy to become friendly with. Though she is left to deal with the Yuusha, she is quite talented at dealing with political issues.

– Hark the Yuusha: Due to the imposing strength and nature of the Yuusha, it is unknown whether he is a human or something else entirely. Many have their doubts, even amongst those that summoned him. Due to humans’ view on demons and monsters, the Yuusha is considered a holy being at worst. Hark in particular is a curious and sometimes aggravating 14-16 year old male. His strength is still yet unknown.


Imp-Nots: Formerly known as half-imps. They are small, knee-height creatures with small horns, a tail, pointed ears and nose. They resemble small devils, and are often very mischievous. They are one of the lowest forms of demons. Imp-Nots and higher form of imps all fall under the name “Imp”, as humans consider every form of theirs equally insignificant.

  • Notable Imp-Nots:

– Mak: One of the three original Imp-Not’s summoned by Maou, and is currently a member of her party. He is greatly similar to Kay.

– Kay: Also one of the three original Imp-Not’s summoned by Maou, and is currently a member of her party. He is greatly similar to Mak.

– Bik first appeared as an Imp-Not


Imps: Formerly known as Full-Imps. Imps greatly resemble their previous form with major changes being: A more human-like appearance. The nose and ears grow shorter and slightly more rounded; aspects such as a tail as well as a lack of hair persist. Imps are very well rounded improvement to the Imp-Nots. They are the epitome of the phrase “Jack of all trades” but humans believe that also makes them “A master of none”

  • Notable Imps:

– Bik: Bik is the most intelligent of the Imp-Not’s summoned by Maou, and is the first to rank up. He is also Maou’s first “friend”.


Goblins: Goblins are typically a weak species due to their lack of organization and reproductive abilities. It takes a goblin female over a year to have a child and during the pregnancy, they require twice the amount of food. Without human females, goblins would likely have gone extinct ages ago. In appearance they resemble small, ugly, sickly children. Their skin is a putrid green with boils and warts abound. Most goblins do not have names as they deem them “unnecessary”

  • Notable Goblins:

– Learn: Learn is a goblin child obsessed with new information. If there was a title of “Scholar” in goblin society, it would definitely belong to Learn.

Hob-Goblin: Far taller and more intelligent than their goblin counterparts they often take up leadership positions after ranking up. Hob-Goblins have a harsh view on the worth of their tribe and often leave tribes that have incapable and weak goblins. There are entire tribes purely consisting of Hob-Goblins that have either left their previous tribe or exiled all of the lower ranked goblins from their tribes.

  • Notable Hob-Goblins:

– Chief: Known simply as “The chief” by his surrogate tribe, Chief is a Hob-Goblin still greatly shrouded in mystery. His skin color is not typical of Hob-goblins.


Ina: Ina are the world’s leading form of transportation. They have deceptively intimidating appearance as they are one of the easiest animals in the world to tame. Ina are loyal to the last entity they acknowledge to have fed them. If they eat wild plants or animals, they become “loyal to nature” and become wild once more themselves. Ina cannot be raised in captivity for unknown reasons. A female Ina will never become pregnant unless it is wild. They are incredibly fast with an average top speed of 80 mph.


Inaba: Inaba are usually regarded as legend. Cases of tamed Ina’s ranking up are nearly non-existent. There are 0 recorded cases where it was confirmed, as they always “Mysteriously disappear” shortly after being reported. There are also 0 cases of Inaba being found in nature. One of the leading reasons for the doubt of their existence however, is the fact that every reported incident has the Ina keeping its exact appearance but gaining the ability of human speech.

  • Notable Inaba:

–  Kurobe: After being assaulted by goblins, Kurobe attacked Maou. After a series of circumstances, he ended up “reverse taming” Maou. He is currently a member of Maou’s party and is their main method of transportation.


Flocking Birds: A bird greatly resembling a pigeon. They are in no real way incredible, and are often regarded as pest in large cities. They are considered an “animal” since they have no fighting prowess and have no recorded incidents of ranking up.

  • Notable Flocking Birds:

– Kiri: The first creature Maou ever tamed. Kiri is very stubborn and wishes to help Maou any way he can, despite his lack of aptitude for fighting.

Slimes: Slimes are very much your typical RPG slime. They are gelatinous in form, and increase in mass based on the amount of magic that they absorb. Their lives typically have them as decomposers that eat fallen fruit and dead creatures for their residual magic. They don’t have a concept of colony or companionship; they tend to congregate as they instinctively all seek out certain environments.


Chikai: A plump yellow chicken look-alike. Its neck and legs are both a bit shorter than chickens, but its physical prowess far exceeds one. Chikai are quite perceptive, and generally excel in escaping from predators. When in groups, they make displays of power towards predators in an attempt to intimidate and scare away predators, making their territories safer.


River Crays: River Crays are a large crustacean that lives in rivers leading to large oceans. They cannot survive in the ocean itself, as the creatures that reside in the ocean overpower them greatly. They are typically a very passive creature, and often let other creatures come as close as touching them without any sort of aggressive actions. When they feel threatened however, they move unusually quick to attack their foes.


Borka: A pig-like creature with very tough meat. While it is not exclusive to Fleca dungeon, it is most commonly found there. The variant in Fleca dungeon has strange black markings that resemble tattoos running along its body. In a strength comparison to a common street bandit, the Borka is a challenge even 3 to 1. While the Borka’s meat is edible, due to its tough nature and its unusual taste, it is not a common delicacy.


Borka Boss: The ranked up form of a Borka. As Borka are not an incredibly strong species, it does not take too much for them to rank up. However, for some unknown reason only one Borka Boss ever presides in a single territory at a time. Quickly after the death of a boss, a Borka will rank up to take its place. A Borka Boss is several times larger than a typical Borka, and usually stand twice as tall as the common human.


Banir: A creature with many similarities to a rabbit. It however, is anything but passive. Banir do not eat their prey, but rather “play” with it to death. Once dead, a prey is forgotten and left to nearby predators. Banir form symbiotic relationships with predators in this way. Their main method of attack is a strong quick kick; however they have a strange form when they kick. Even specialists still have no idea why the Banir kick in this odd way, when it makes the kick less effective.


Gurat: The Gurat is simply a giant rat. It behave exactly like a common rat would. An odd fact about the Gurat is that they are found exclusively in dungeons for some reason. Some speculate that it is not a natural creature but rather a construct created for the easier floors of a dungeon.


Kera’s Lion: A creature that resembles a lion in many ways. To an undiscerning eye there are few differences, but the color of its mane and the stature of its body are slightly different than almost any lion.


Bull Belly Frog: A frog with an incredible capacity for storage. When found in nature, they are in one of two states. The first is on land catching bugs attracted by the smell of their oils and the other, is hiding from predators under water. It can store enough air for it to survive with for several days. Often Bull Belly Frogs emerge from the water due to hunger before running out of air.


Automatons: Little to nothing is known about automatons. They are usually regarded as simple tools with a programmed function. Some ancient automatons that have been discovered have had “personalities” there is much speculation as to whether this is programmed as well, or if they are sentient life.

  • Notable Automatons:

– Gero: The first person Maou met after coming to this world. Where he is very logical and knowledgeable, he is also quite clumsy. Maou has relied on him a great deal since they met.


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  1. jarjarthinks says:

    A very nice addition, though it seems odd to me that the Yuusha is in the index but the Maou isn’t, while I’m not expecting anything particularly special about the Maou, the index feels a bit incomplete without that entry.


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