MTY: Chapter 117

As we are escorted out of the castle grounds by the only guard that seems to be able to walk us out without wetting himself, I do my best to stop myself from fuming in anger. As we make our way onto the normal streets, and the guard parts from us, Juire begins to talk to me.

“Sorry you got dragged into that, I would have warned you he was going to try something, but I figured he would at least sit on his over-confident laurels for at least another round. I guess the trouncing you gave that big fellow really scared him good.” Juire says in a genuinely apologetic tone

The change from his normal tone is so drastic that I can’t help but stare stunned for a moment.

“Was beating up Riese really that big of a deal? I mean sure it was difficult, but surely that alone doesn’t make it look like I’m on par with the Yuusha?” I ask in return

If I was in the king’s position I certainly wouldn’t be freaking out just yet. I nearly lost after all.

“You are on a first name basis already? You certainly are a mysterious one, aren’t you? Here I was planning to wait until he recovered from the shock of losing to swoop in and take such a valuable asset, and yet you managed to grab him up even before I did.” Juire says with a snake-like grin

“How much do you know?” I ask as I place my hand on my weapon

I wasn’t cautious enough. Even if it seemed like we were alone, I forgot that Juire has ears and eyes all over the city. I can’t risk a villain like having valuable information on me like that monster village.

“I know that the envoy I sent to recruit our large mutual acquaintance was turned down and that the lumbering oaf seems to think of you as his benefactor. From your reaction though, I imagine that can’t be all there is to learn? Perhaps I should dig deeper?” Juire responds

“I would advise against it. I don’t care what kind of deal we have, I won’t hesitate to cut down someone that digs into my past.” I say as I draw me blade

“And here I thought we were starting to get along better? I joke anyways, we don’t dig into our business partners business. Call it a thieves code if you will, but most groups we work with have a similar policy with prying ears and eyes.” Juire says as he puts his hands up in surrender

I let my blade fall back into its scabbard, and he continues.

“Your right, however, about the king overreacting, but he did so with good reason. Your fight looked staged.” Juire says as his smile returns and he lowers his hands

“Staged?” I ask almost insulted

“It looked like a poor attempt to hide your strength. Although you seemed to be on the ropes for most of the fight, you walked away from a strike that would have killed most with virtually no injury. All of course before taking down your opponent in a single strike. To a coward like that king, the fact that you could afford even a poor charade like that against a thought unbeatable opponent made you a real threat.” Juire explains

“It’s like I didn’t get hurt. If the fight had dragged on anymore it would have been trouble. Thankfully I managed to end it fast so I could heal myself right away.” I respond in a huff

I’m not being humble either. I’m pretty sure I was bleeding internally after that blow. Forget losing, if I had been banned from using magic much longer I probably would have outright died. How exactly is spitting up blood “Virtually no injury”?

“…Did you say you healed yourself?” He asks in the most stunned face I’ve ever seen him wear

“What… was I not supposed to? The rule on not using magic is only until the round ends right?” I ask nervously, afraid I might have made a mistake

How stupid can I be?! I did it right in front of all of the other contestants too!

“No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just… Healing magic is incredibly rare. Enough to be called a national treasure if you are capable of it. You just keep becoming more interesting.” Juire says as his smile returns with twice the schemeing behind it

So thats why I was getting such weird looks when I healed myself. If healing magic is so rare I can’t imagine a country would ever risk sending someone capable of it to a foreign country to fight to the death. The fact that I was able to take out Riese must have put them plenty on edge, but to realize that I could use healing magic on top of that must have made me everybody’s enemy.

“You should be careful by the way. The king rigged the drawing so you would be against the worst match in each round. Riese the Kollossal in the first round, and Afeuro in the third, but somehow his attempts to rig the second round failed. It seems like someone might have gotten to it before he could.” Juire says growing more serious

cric CRACK crack cri-

The cobblestones under my feet begin to crack as a wave of anger washes over me.

“HE WHAT?!” I yell out

“What?… You hadn’t realized yet? You didn’t find it odd at all that you were slated to go against the strongest people participating?” Juire ask with a disappointed look

I clench my teeth at his question.

I mean I might have noticed if I could READ!

“Of all the no-good tricks! How could he and Anata even be related?!” I let out angrily as I stomp the cracked cobbles

“It’s not like I don’t like to watch you destroy public roads, but I don’t think you’re understanding me here. Sure he performed an underhanded trick, but it’s not like that alone was something I didn’t think you could handle. The problem is even I have no idea who this hidden element that rigged your next fight is. No matter how deep my organization digs it’s as if this guy doesn’t exist. They could prove to be far more of a threat than that measly coward of a king.” Juire continues with a serious face


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MTY: Chapter 116

The room goes silent as a well-adorned man walks into the room with an air of elegance, and sits upon the throne in front of us.

“My liege, to what do I owe the opportunity to be in your presence?” Juire asks with a wicked grin

“You know why you are here you worm. I wanted to see the fighter you seem to be so confident can defeat the Yuusha.” The king returns with an equally wicked grin

His grin disappears however as he looks me over. Something about his conceited look irks me.

It’s rather impressive that Juire’s intimidate doesn’t seem to work on him, I wonder if that thanks to a special skill or something?

Curious I whisper “status” under my breath aimed at the king.

Name: Enrich III Roan
Species: Human
Level: 20
High management
Royal disposition
Mana forming
Royal Mana
Fire Magic mastery
Lightning magic mastery
Ice Magic mastery
King of Teslgr
Loved by Mana
Due to high compatibility, you have acquired the following skills:
Royal Mana
Royal disposition

… I suppose I should have guessed that he would have high spec skills, but what is up with this “Due to high compatibility” nonsense? It only gave me the skills that seem to be unique to royalty. What do they even do?

Royal Mana: Naturally refines mana, and increases stat growth.
Royal disposition: Reduce the effects of skills that affect the psyche greatly


Ahhh, so that’s why he seems to be alright with Juire around.

As a test, I look towards Juire again. The intimidating air that usually surrounds him has all but vanished, though the look of confidence on his face remains unsettling.

Royalty really has it good, don’t they? Aside from having a useful skill like this, it seems they are also gifted with naturally powerful magic.

Aside from that, he seems to have a few “Titles” which are something I haven’t seen before. I suppose most people must not know of them though since one of his titles is “Incompetent”. I should make efforts in the future to avoid any embarrassing titles like that.

“Does your mind wander girl? You are in the audience of a king, and yet you do not bow, and worse you look away in disinterest?! It seems you must be taught a lesson!” The king yells out as he motions the guards towards me

Hm?! Was I too in my own world?

I ready myself to fight the oncoming enemies, but rather than a sudden assault I look around to see gradually approaching men with spears drawn.

Oh, right, they are still terrified by Juires “Intimidate” skill, aren’t they? Despite that, it seems like they are intent on approaching anyways even if it’s with extreme caution. I wonder if the effect stacks if I use it as well?

As I activate the skill the color on the soldier’s faces go from pale to blue in an instant. Some fall to the ground shaking in fear, while others drop their spears and flee. As I look at them trembling silently, I can’t help but feel bad and deactivate it… not before looking towards the king, however, to see that he has fallen out of his chair.

I hold back a chuckle as I deactivate the skill and look back towards the king.

“Now, now, now you aren’t trying to cheat your way out of our little bet now are you? I mean a king as great and courageous as you wouldn’t do something cowardly like summon us here to try and arrest us on some petty charge and disqualify us, right?” Juire asks with a smile that stretches from ear to ear

There is no doubt, he is elated to watch the king squirm. I should take care not to take too much pleasure in watching people squirm, shouldn’t I? I mean he really looks like a villain right now.

“S-so you’ve found another with that damned curse of yours, eh? No wonder you seem to be so sure she can defeat the Yuusha. It makes me wonder if you didn’t make this bet just to coax me into allowing you to test your fighter against our countries greatest strength?” The king let out with an accusatory tone

“Oh don’t go getting your overly expensive man-panties in a twist, I have no interest in taking over your country using my good friend here if that’s what you’re implying. After all, I would rather be a farmer in the peaceful countryside than some measly king.” Juire says plainly

The king begins to grit his teeth as he sits back down on the throne.

“Hmph! Why would I worry about such trifling matters as the ambition of a slum rat? It’s not like you would ever succeed even if you tried. After all the Yuusha is immune to your little trick.” The king says with a smug grin as if he plans to crush Juire with this statement alone

Ah, so the king is a sadist too? I worry for this country.

“Then I suppose this little bet is all but lost for me right? Oh then, might I be allowed to leave, and prepare my charitable donation to your little “Project”? Juire asks with a snakes grin

“Every interaction with you is torture, get out of my sight before I have you executed.” The king scoffs as he waves us away

I can feel my irritation rising at the thought of being called and sent away with so little thought.

“Oh, I know you love it, otherwise why would you keep calling me?” Juire teases as he and I walk out the door

As we close the door behind us the sounds of yelling and things being thrown can be heard as the incompetent king accost his guards.

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MTT: Chapter 115

I continued to watch the remaining fights for the day, but none of the fights were particularly interesting. Though it did give me more of an idea of what this tournament actually is.

While there were still a few fighters that put up good fights, there were also some that seemed like complete amateurs. More than once the announcer introduced someone as a great mage just for them to be taken out in minutes if not seconds after the round started. Even still, few of those that lost seemed that upset by it.

I decided to ask Incha about it and he explained that most of the fighters aren’t here to actually win. With monsters like the previous champion, Afeuro, and the Yuusha participating they know that they don’t have a chance. The tournament seems to be a status symbol for quite a few of the participants. Getting past the preliminaries already shows your one of the best of the best, but if you advance through the rounds your country knows to invest in you.

Titles, money, even a shot at entering the nobility. If you prove yourself here your country will shower you will rewards to try and keep in your good favor. Thinking about it from the nobilities standpoint, however, this tournament is a great opportunity for them. Not only do they get a constant flow of fighters desperately trying to get stronger for a chance to win, but each country gets a chance to prove their might over their neighboring countries.

In the end, none of that really matter to me though. It does mean however that if I get lucky I won’t have any challenging opponents until the Yuusha. It would be great if I can keep a few cards up my sleeve before I have to fight him.

I don’t plan on losing, but I’m not so hotheaded that I think I’m going to be able to beat him easily just because I’m not expected yet. A Maou has never won against the Yuusha before according to Gero, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that thought of getting a surprise attack in while the Yuusha was still fresh. If I’m going to win I’m going to need to give it everything I’ve got… but the fact that people often die in this tournament means that I won’t be punished if I do manage to kill him. My goal of living in peace would be achieved. If the opportunity presents itself I’m certainly not going to pass it up.

“Contestant number 34 Mano, you are to come with us immediately!” I hear in a sharp and strict voice snapping me out of my contemplation

A cold sweat runs down my spine as I look up to see several soldiers in full armor holding spears towards me.

“You have it wrong, I haven’t done anything yet!” I say as I throw my hands in the air in a panic

Do they have mind reading powers or something?!

“…The king has requested an audience with you, and he is very impatient. Come with us immediately.” The guard closes to me explains without lowering his spear

Eh? The king? Seriously?! Talk about short notice! Crap, I’m still a bit sweaty from earlier, and my clothes are still a bit covered in dust from smacking into that wall. Can’t I at least wash up first?!

Wait, this at least means I wasn’t discovered right? I can’t imagine the king would want to be in the same room as such a being as fearsome as the Maou, right?


After getting dragged away, without so much as a chance to make myself presentable, I was lead into an empty throne room and told to kneel. At first, the guards that lined the room showed a conceited look as I waited in the room on one knee, but when I heard the door behind me open their faces drained of color and their expression became ridged.

I tried to keep a dignified look because I thought it must have been the king, but when I turned to see who it was I saw Juire walking in casually with his pinky stuck in his ear digging for wax.

As Juire and his accompanying guard arrived next to me his guard attempted to speak.

“Kne-!” Was all he got out before a glare from Juire silenced him

Man… that “Intimidate” skill sure is useful, perhaps I should use that more often. Though, that would certainly be counter to my attempts to not make myself look like a villain. It seems like even trained soldiers have little resistance against it though. Perhaps it will make for an easier escape in the future if I’m ever discovered.

“What are you doing down there? Stand up already, you look ridiculous.” Juire says to me as he waves his hand to indicate I should stand

Nervous, but embarrassed that he is looking down on me, I stand up next to him. The guard next to him starts to glare at me angrily, but I simply return a defiant stare and look away.

If Juire is here, this must be about the tournament. Since he’s my sponsor we need to have a united front, even if that front pits me against the king at the moment. It’s not like I’m the biggest fan of the king anyway. Someone that would send his own daughter off in the hands of such an irresponsible brat to go on a dangerous journey must be messed up in the head.

“ALL KNEEL BEFORE THE KING OF TESLAGR, THIRD OF HIS LINEAGE, FIRST OF HIS SPLENDOR! LONG MAY HE LIVE, KING ULRICH!” The scrawny man standing next to the throne yells at the top of his lungs

I notice a grin crack across Juire’s face, the kind of smile you would see on a villain when he was hatching a plan.


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MTY: Chapter 114

Since the next fight wouldn’t start for a while I decided to descend my large friend, and see if I couldn’t find the man I met at the inauguration ceremony. Hopefully, he remembers the bracket well enough to tell me who my next opponent is.

With how powerful she is, I feel as if I will eventually end up fighting Afeuro, but I can’t figure out whether I would be luckier to face her early or in the later rounds? Magic and skills are about 90% of my current fighting power, so facing her with everything I have might be my best shot. On the other hand, if she has a skill more powerful than those I’ve managed to pick up in just a few weeks then facing her next round might be my only hope of defeating her.

I think deeply on this as I walk back to the waiting area. Even if I can’t find him there, someone might be able to tell me where he went.

Before I reach the waiting area, however, I receive a tap on my shoulder from behind.

“Looking for me?” I hear in a familiar if not slightly sinister voice

“Ah! There you are! How did you know I was looking for you?” I ask delighted to have found him

It would have been bad if he decided to leave already. Though I suppose I haven’t seen him fight either, maybe his is one of the upcoming matches.

“…Pardon?” He ask with an utterly confused expression

“I was hoping to ask you who my next opponent was. Although I know some of the people that have won, I don’t know how the brackets were set up so I don’t know who I’m fighting next.” I explain

I was too focused on fighting Riese, that I completely forgot about the rest of the competition. If I was smart I would have had Shishou help me translate a bracket so I could keep track myself.

sigh “Right… I completely forgot that you can’t read. And here I thought you were hunting me down.” He says with a mixture of relief and disappointment

“Wait… does that mean?” I ask

“Indeed, your next opponent in the tournament in myself.” He answers giving a wicked grin

“Thats… amazing! You won your first round fight! Congratulations!” I cheer as I give him a pat on the back

I was a bit worried about him honestly. He seemed a bit lanky, and he didn’t exactly give off a “dangerous” vibe. I didn’t honestly think he’d make it to the second round.

“Pfft!” He lets out as he starts to visibly hold back laughter

“…What? Did I have a weird look on my face or something?” I ask self-consciously trying to remember my expression from moments ago

I’m not often elated, so maybe I have a really weird smile or something. I really wish this world had more mirrors.

“No, no, it’s nothing like that. I’m just glad you’re my next opponent.” He says as he chokes down laughter

“I’m super curious now, how exactly do you fight? From your build I expected you to be a spellcaster or something. I wish I didn’t miss your fight.” I ask

I was definitely too focused on my fight with Riese. Gathering intel is an important part of fighting monsters like those participating in this tournament. I can’t afford to make the same mistake in the third round.

“You didn’t miss much honestly. My opponent never showed up for his fight, and I won by default. I hope nothing bad happened to the poor guy.” He says as he places his hand on his chin in a thinking position

Aaaah, so he got through by luck it seems. Perhaps that can be in my favor. I would like to avoid revealing that evil looking weapon if at all possible, so being able to clear the second round without using it might be some incredible luck. If I can make it to the third round then I can probably rely on my magic and skills to get me through it without the need of my weapon.

“I don’t really think I have a chance of winning the whole tournament with monsters like you and that Afeuro girl walking around, but I’m going to give it my all so don’t hold back!” He says with determination as he holds his hand out for a handshake

“Hey, you made it this far right?” I joke as I grab his hand

Ow? Did he have a ring or something, it feels like my thumb was pricked when I grabbed it. I inspect it as I draw it back, but there doesn’t seem to be any visible mark so it might have been in my head.

“I never did get your name last time we met. Though you probably already know this, I’m Mano.” I say

“Oh, my apologies, I often forget to introduce myself. My name is Incha, it’s a pleasure to formally meet you.” He says with a small bow

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MTY: Chapter 112

Trying to run away from reality I quickly sheath my new weapon and hang it on my side.

This looks totally evil… is it going to be okay to use this in public? It might make people suspicious.

As thoughts such as these go through my head I hear a sudden burst of cheering from the arena. I can faintly hear the sound of the announcer going nuts about something or another, but I can’t make out what exactly he is saying.

“Is the next round going on already?” I ask as I try to understand the announcers muffled words

Upon me asking Riese stands to look through the upper archways. Through the cheers, I can hear a few distinct screams from the people sitting near his peephole. He only looks for a few moments before sitting back down next to me.

“Yup, though they already finished up it looks like.” He answers in a disappointed tone

Already?! I was surprised that they already managed to fix up the arena, but to think someone managed to finish up their fight already. It must have been a one-way slaughter.

“Ah! In that case, I better get going! Mister Juire was nice enough to get me a ticket to watch the fights! Next up is that weapons master from overseas. I can’t even consider missing her fight, even if it’s still the hand to hand combat round!” Tea says excitedly as he practically bounces away

A weapons master? I wonder if that’s the girl I met in the woods with the huge sword?

“Hey Riese, mind lifting me up so I can see who’s fighting next?” I ask

I don’t know if there is a viewing area for fighters, but if I waste time looking for it I might miss the chance to scout out another potential opponent.

Riese lets down his hand, and I quickly climb on. He sets me on top of his head which is surprisingly comfortable. Do all Kollossal have hair this soft?

After I get comfortable I confirm my suspicions about the fighter Tea was referring to. The small girl from the forest is standing in the ring together with a man that looks quite similar to a gorilla. The amount of hair on his exposed arms makes you question whether he is some kind of beast-man.

My heart begins to pump a bit, and I realize my apparent excitement. For the first time since I got here, I get to watch other people fight. I can’t help but wonder how the two before me fight, and who will win.

“Are you all ready for our last match of the day?! Don’t worry, we saved you an exciting one! Standing before you are two favorites for the competition!” The Announcer yells out with excitement

As if to match his excitement the crowd cheers out.

“This is bound to be a clash for the ages. Our first competitor is known as one of the greatest demon slayers in history. Her strength boggles the imagination, especially coming out of her small frame. In this end, we have Afeuro the weapons master!” The announcer yells out with almost too much enthusiasm

Trying not to get distracted by the announcer I stare intently at the small girl. The last time we met I couldn’t so much as see her movements as she slew a beast that easily defeated me. I don’t intend to miss how she fights again.

“Our next competitor is a monster in human form! Whether it be his strength, his appearance… or his hygiene for that matter, he is considered to be a beast in every capacity! In the other end we have Joak!” The announcer continues in a less than flattering tone

As he introduces the man standing across from Afeuro I squint my eyes to try to make out the details of his distant figure better. Before long I recognize him to be the annoying man that tried to scare me away earlier. Though his skin has a significantly more red hue than I remember. Is he yelling something at Afeuro? It looks like he is but I can’t hear a thing from here.

“It’s the human beast, against the greatest beast slayer… who will win? What do you think- Wait, where did you go?… Sorry about that folks! It looks like our guest host has disappeared! I suppose with nothing else to be said we should get things rolling then! FIGHT!” The announcer yells as he attempts to quickly bounce back from his confusion

My eyes remain trained on Afeuro, I refuse to miss even a single movement… but to my surprise, she doesn’t move. Instead, her opponent flings himself at her at an extremely high speed as she stands there motionless.

Despite the man’s large build, he is exceptionally agile. He begins to circle the small girl quickly enough to kick up a cloud of dust beneath him. Its difficult to tell, but he hardly ever touches the ground. As soon as he makes contact he throws himself with exceptional force, gaining speed each time.

Before long, however, both fighters were cloaked in a giant cloud of dust. A horrible thud resounds from the cloud, the kind that makes you not want to see behind the veil. The groans of the crowd indicate that many came to a gruesome conclusion.

As a silence falls over the stadium as everybody waits for the dust to settle, and for the announcer to reveal the winner, Afeuro casually walks out of the cloud.

Moments later the cloud disperses to reveal the annoying man’s body lying still at the center. Upon further inspection, a small dent can be seen in his head.

“I…IT’S OVER!! With one resounding blow, Afeuro has managed to down her opponent!  Although there wasn’t much to see, this is an astounding victory!” The announcer cheers out

Great… All I managed to gather from that fight is what I already knew. That she is someone who is dangerous to underestimate.

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MTY: Chapter 111

I explained the situation with the Goblins to Riese, as he stared back at me in disbelief. I leave out the bits about my being the Maou, but it seems the rest was surprising enough as is because after I finish he is left silent and awe-struck.

Was I wrong to tell him about this?

Cold sweat begins to run down my spine as the silence runs long.

What will happen if he decides to tell people about the village? The goblin chief said that humans hunt down monster settlements.

“How do I talk to them?” I hear in a sheepish voice

“Eh?” I let out as his words snap me back to the situation at hand

“I don’t know how to speak goblin! What do I cook?! Do goblins like monster meat? They must… but what kinds?! Wait… Goblins are even smaller than humans! Ahhh! What if I step on one?!” The giants worries erupt all at once

As I watch him anguish over the minor details, my worries flow away. I’m not quite sure what it is about him, but he seems like the type that couldn’t even tell a lie, much the less betray someone.

He does bring up a good point though, what will the new people I bring in do in regards to cross-communication? Reise understood the chief’s questions, so he must have been speaking the human language when we were talking, but the other goblins certainly don’t know it. Even if I asked the chief to start teaching the other goblins the human language, it wouldn’t solve the problem if I started bringing in other monsters like the Chief wanted… I suppose that’s another issue to tackle in the future.

“You’re worrying too much! The goblins will eat just about anything happily, and trust me when I say they are nimble enough to avoid you… so long as you don’t try to stomp on them that is.” I say as I remember our fight

Seriously, why is he so fast? His movements were unnaturally quick for something that big. Is it a bug? Must be a bug.

“Communication might be a bit slow, but the chief should be able to help you out. If any of the goblins bully you, you let me know alright? They can be a little mischievous.” I explain

I bet at least one group of the “human-hating faction” is going to try something. I would already be thinking up countermeasures… but honestly, I doubt they could even scratch him. The worst they could do is some emotional damage, which Riese seems unfortunately susceptible to.

“Oh! I’m glad to see you two are getting along!” I suddenly hear in an enthusiastic voice behind me

I nearly jump out of my skin in surprise as I turn to find Tea standing there looking up in amazement. He seems to be carrying something wrapped heavily in cloth that is tied down with leather straps under one arm.

“Geez, don’t sneak up on people like that. My nerves are still a bit shot from my last fight.” I let out with an exasperated sigh

I don’t even know who my opponent is. I haven’t met the man I befriended at the opening ceremony, nor have I worked up the nerve to admit that I can’t read so someone can tell me. Since anybody could be my next opponent I just can’t seem to relax. It’s hard to believe nobody will try to play dirty.

“Me? Sneaky? You must be rather shaken up there lass, I’m a lot of things, but quiet isn’t one of them. With all the tools I’m carrying you could hear me jingling down the streets from miles away.” Tea explains as he taps his belt with his free hand

“I told you the tournament was nothing to scoff at! Well, whether you win or lose all that matters, in the end, is that you got away without serious injury.” Tea says as he nods to himself

“Hmm, I suppose so. Next round would have been a lot harder if I was dealing with an injury like that.” I respond

That said, I haven’t found the limits of my “Restore” spell yet. If it doesn’t kill me, or leave me out of MP, I should be able to make a full recovery from most wounds quickly. I hope the Yuusha doesn’t have an ability like this, at least let me monopolize monster-like regeneration.

“Hm? Wait! You won?! You’re going to the next round?!” He lets out in surprise as he drops his package

“Yes? Isn’t that why you’re here? To deliver my weapon for the second round?” I ask in confusion

The thing he just dropped is my sword, right?

“Well, yes, but… wait, who did you fight? I was told it was some reeeeally big guy!” Tea asks with disbelief and excitement

Not really sure how to answer I just point to Riese behind me.

“Not that big though?!” Tea practically screams out as he looks at Riese again

It’s a little embarrassing actually, so I look around to make sure nobody saw.

“Hah…Hah…Hah. Okay, I think I’m good now.” Tea says as he catches his breath

“Your no joke, are you lass? When I was told you were going to be participating I got really worried. Kiel made a friend, then that friend threw herself into the swords of the worlds strongest fighters in basically no time at all. If you could beat someone like that without even a weapon though, maybe you really have a shot… I’m rooting for you! Hopefully, my weapon is good enough that it won’t hold you back!” Tea says as he unwraps the sword

I can’t help but stare at it in stunned silence when he does. It looks completely different from before. The previously silver metal is now a shineless black. In stark contrast to the murky white gem that forms the tip of the blade.

In my surprise, I forget to comment on the reveal, and Tea begins to look at me with concern.

“Is something wrong with it?” He asks as he gives the blade a once over again, checking for cracks or nicks in the blade

“Not at all, it’s just… this is quite the upgrade,” I say as I stare at the blade

There is one concern I have, but it’s not one I could voice. The blade… looks like the kind of thing a villain would wield. It has an ominous vibe to it, the kind that makes you worried that it’s cursed.

“Isn’t it?! I tried a new tempering method with magic iron. It should adapt to the magic flow of the user, which should make the interference with the magic crystal much lower. Since I already had a magic crystal attuned to your magic from before, I went ahead and let the metal absorb and adapt to you. I was afraid I messed up somehow when it changed colors, but the durability seems to have improved.” He begins to gush as he hands the blade to me

Growing weapon obtained:
Demonic Rapier lvl 1


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Quick update

I thought I would be able to get it fixed before too long passed so I didn’t say anything, but I got delayed because my pet turtle needed some care and it took some money. My laptop charger cable finally gave out, and I need to replace it to be able to use my laptop to write quickly. The next chapter is nearly complete as I’ve been typing it over my phone whenever I’m free, but it’s going to take quite a few passes to get rid of the spelling mistakes cause I have massive thumbs and a kinda tiny screen.

The money to replace it is coming in on the 5th from my Patreon (those that donate to it are really saving my hide here), but the chapter might be out before that if I can finish writing it and proofreading it before then.

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