MTY: Chapter 129

It wasn’t long after that, that Tea and Juire came out to carry me out of the Arena. The whole way they were excitedly talking about something… but as soon as I knew they were taking care of me, I allowed myself to lose consciousness. Running out of mana again after so long hit me hard, and it was a struggle to stay awake once the adrenaline faded.

After passing out from sheer exhaustion, I expected my sleep to be more sound. A dream, a moment of fogginess as my consciousness returned, a grogginess that makes me want to stay in bed, anything at all. Instead, however, I wake up in what feels like a mere moment full of energy in a strange room I’ve not seen before surrounded by a white curtain.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” I ask out as I start to rise from the bed

I wave of pain shoots from my chest, which stops my attempt.

Oh, right, broken ribs.

I cast restore on myself, and slowly begin to feel the pain fade. As I do I begin to hear a commotion growing louder.


“Lass! Are you alright?!” Tea yells as he storms into the room and pulls back the white curtain

When he does so I finally understand what room I am in. After I passed out they must have taken me to a clinic, as there are several other beds surrounded by white curtains in the same room. It is possibly even one specifically for competitors as I recognize two others who are resting on the beds as those I saw in the waiting area.

“Ya, I’m fine. I had a few broken ribs, but I just healed those up.” I say as I begin to get up from the bed

After running out of Mana I didn’t have any left to recover from the final blow Afuero gave me. I suppose I must have looked pretty busted up for him to be this worried.

“Not that! I mean that sounds pretty incredible, but they tell me you ran out of mana?! I thought you might never wake up! How could you be so stupid?!” Tea angrily yells as he tries to stop me from getting up

I’ve never seen Tea angry before. Looking at his face full of anger and worry I freeze in place. Guilt begins to well up inside me.

Right… Gero said that running out of mana can be fatal.

My thoughts are thrown into a jumble as I try to find the words to apologize. Although I’ve run out of mana before without dying, there is no guarantee it will be non-lethal every time. I did put my life at risk here, and there is no way I could tell Tea why.

As I sit there silently, grasping for the words to say, Juire walks in behind Tea and places a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh leave the poor girl alone. She clearly looks like she regrets it, though if I know her at all she still hasn’t learned her lesson.” Juire says in a rather strict tone as well

“The important part is that she seems to be okay now. Come, we should let her companions know that she woke up. I’m just glad it happened before they ended up doing too much damage.” Juire continues as he begins to pull Tea out of the room

“Wait! What do you mean?!” I yell out, but neither stop to answer me

They leave me alone in the room with several others who are resting on their beds, while giving me strange glares and stares.

Why couldn’t they have taken me with them? I already told them that I was healed up. I feel like I lost my opportunity to leave now… I hope they get here soon.

“MAAAANOoooOOoo~” I hear suddenly down the hall in a young girls voice

As it grows louder, Mana comes busting into the room and slams into me with a hug.

“They said you were hurt! Mana didn’t know what to do!” She says into my shirt refusing to release me from her hug

Stunned, I try to find the right words or actions, and instead end up frozen there.

“You know, we all know you are a special case, but you shouldn’t be so reckless,” Kera says as she walks in the with the rest of the group

The imps scamper in and rush to my side. Gero stands in the doorway, not moving at all.

“You can come in now,” Kiel says to him, and almost as soon as the words leave his mouth Gero appears at my side

…I still couldn’t even see him move there. Just how fast is Gero?

“Strange. I figured if anybody was going to be waiting here for me to wake up it would have been Gero.” I say jokingly trying to break the tension

“He would have been, but he was starting to freak out some of the other patients. He was super protective of you, and wouldn’t move at all while he was waiting. Eventually, I told him it would be a bother to you if he kept waiting there, and that he should wait outside.” Kiel explains

“… You all didn’t need to worry this much about me. I’m not that easy to kill.” I try to joke again, but everybody’s mood turns sour immediately when I do

“How exactly are you going to say that after the stunt you pulled? Even Gero thought what you did might seriously hurt you, and the whole time you were out you were beaten so badly that the best healer in the capital couldn’t even fix you up! You’re not powerful, you’re just stubborn!” Kiel lets out in an insulted tone

As soon as the words come out of his mouth he seems to regret them. He grows silent and looks away.

“Kiel is right. You have been far too risky lately and ignored nearly every warning you were given. For someone who claims to be fighting to survive you sure seem ready to throw your life away.” Kera continues

Looking around the room, I remember something I seem to have forgotten lately, or perhaps something that simply hadn’t fully dawned on me yet. People have started to care about me.

I had simply been thinking of things from the perspective of “someone that was going to die anyway if I couldn’t defeat the Yuusha”. As afraid of death as I have been, I had begun to accept it as the most likely ending. Whether I died by the Yuusha’s hand, Afeuro’s hand, or even in battle with a monster it would all be the same.

If I throw myself into every gauntlet along the way, however, I’m inevitably going to hurt those that care for me… Perhaps getting companions was the wrong move. Not only am I endangering them, but I’m quite literally destined to hurt them. After the tournament is over maybe I shoul-

Mana begins to squeeze hard enough that it becomes difficult to breathe.

As I look down at her, she looks up towards me. In her eyes, she seems to be begging something of me.

…I let out a deep breath as I make my decision.

“I’m sorry I worried you. I promise to be more careful from now on.” I say in a comforting tone as I pat her head


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MTY: Chapter 128

I hardly have enough time to even ask myself where she could have pulled such a massive sword from before she begins to free herself by stabbing each of the now glowing red hands still attached to her. She works quickly and efficiently despite the burns that have begun appearing on her. As each of the hands falls away they leave a dark hand-shaped mark on her skin.

As injured as she is I expect to see a look on anguish or anger, but instead, she looks about ready to hum with pleasure.

“What an incredible fight! I have never seen such clever usage of magic before! To think that the surprise victor against the Kolossaal was a mage this whole time! However, will magic be enough to stop Afeuro now that she has drawn her signature weapon? What do you think Yuusha-sama?” The Announcer excitedly breaks down his thoughts about the fight

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Don’t be fooled. Mano is actually far more skilled in the art of the sword than magic! Now that Afeuro has drawn her sword the fight is about ready to finally begin!” The moronic Yuusha barks in response

As he says this suddenly I can see anger suddenly wipe across Afeuro’s face. Now free from her bonds, she begins to slowly walk towards me. However, what’s odd is that she isn’t brandishing her sword. Not wanting to let this battle become close-range I begin to panic.

“That is close enough!” I yell out as I prepare another fireball above my head

Not wanting to waste mana on an attack I’m not confident will hit, however, I use the bare minimum to maintain a threatening appearance.

She stops dead in her tracks and begins to stare daggers into me.

“You… why haven’t you… drawn your sword?!” She angrily yells, her voice cracking as she tries to raise its volume to reach between us

“…I’m not nearly the swordsman that idiot claims I am. I just got off a lucky strike in front of him the first time we met.” I answer honestly

Is she insulted? I suppose if you thought I was some great swordsman, then refusing to draw my blade would be as if I wasn’t taking her seriously.

“You’re… lying!” She yells as she begins rushing towards me readying a strike

She’s fast! I can see the attack coming, but there is no time to dodge!

I quickly throw up a small barrier between me and her large sword, with only a moment to cast it however it cracks as it absorbs the blow.

There is hardly enough time to react however as she whips the sword around as if it were weightless and begins a flurry of blows from every direction. I dodge what I can, but I’m forced to block most of the attacks.

I repeatedly cast barriers, each time breaking instantly, but with every strike, the delay between attacks grows faster. I can feel my reaction time begin to slip as my barriers begin to fall behind.

If I don’t do something quick her attacks are going to begin to land!

“Fine, I give up! You want me to use my sword so badly, then here it is!” I say as I quickly draw the sword from my side and lunge towards her

As I do she deftly avoids my strike with a small leap backward.

The anger clears from her face, as she is clearly happy to have gotten her way.

I take up the stance beaten into me be Shishou. He always seemed so indomitable when he took up this stance, as he would toss aside my heavy strikes as if they were nothing. I need that more than anything right now.

Afuero takes up a fighting stance as well. I brace myself for another assault, but instead, there is silence between us. We stand there on guard, reading each other, and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

I want to spend this time setting up traps, but if I get distracted she will pounce for sure.

“…The tension down there is legendary, as possibly the greatest swordsman of our generation size each other up. I fear even commentating for fear of breaking their concentr-” the announcer says in a low voice

“You can do it swordsman lady! Ma? Mano? Right! You can do it Mano!” The reprehensibly Yuusha yells out interrupting him

“You forgot my name?! And stop ruining the mood, you moron!” I yell out, unable to control my rage at his stupidity

For a moment I think my rage has started to blind me, as a darkness sweeps into my field of vision.

“Distracted,” Afeuro says plainly as she brings down a strike towards my off guard self

I jump backward in a desperate attempt to avoid the strike but to little avail. The strike lands across my chest and creates a large gash that instantly starts spewing forth blood. Although landing with such a wound hurts, I jump back again immediately to gain some distance so I can heal.

That’s it, I’ve decided, I will kill that idiot someday. For now, however, I would be delighted if he could shut up before he gets me killed!

I immediately start casting restore on my wounds, but upon seeing my wounds begin to close Afuero rushes towards me yet again.

“I…won’t…let…you!” She says between massive swings of her weapons, that I can barely stop with my barriers at all

As I block her relentless attacks my wounds quickly close, but I can already see her attacks beginning to grow in power and speed. It seems she still isn’t warmed up yet, as her attacks grow more ferocious by the moment.

It isn’t long before the barriers cease to even stop the blows, instead only managing to slow them down on impact. I am forced to dodge the remainder of each strike.

Not wanting to be backed into a corner again, I repeat my previous strategy of lunging at her with my sword whenever I find an opening. Much to my surprise, however, she simply lets me do so. Unless the blow is aimed at a vital location, Afuero simply takes the blow without so much as flinching and continues her assault.

Even a blow that she is forced to dodge does little to slow her, as she always dodges with the minimal amount of movement prioritizing keeping me under pressure.

This won’t work for long… I can hardly keep up with the mental load of trying to find gaps in her defenses whilst continually casting magic to defend myself. It’s like trying to move four hands at once, and worse… it’s becoming less effective by the second. If I don’t start setting up a finishing move then I’m toast. I don’t even know if I can cast multiple spells at once while keeping up with close combat, but it’s the only plan I can think of.

with that decision made I begin to push myself even further as I begin pouring every ounce of the mana I have left into my final gamble.

The world begins to fade away, as all I can afford to think about is “Attack, defend, refine”

I repeat it like a mantra in my head to help me focus.

Attack, defend, refine.

Attack, defend, refine.

Attack, defend, refine.

As the blows grow faster, and my dodges become more narrow, I can see death growing nearer and nearer with every strike. My mantra turns into a single word. A plea to myself to ignore my fear.





A surprise attack from Afeuro ends my mantra. Unbeknownst to myself, in my hyper-focused state, she had sneakily turned her blade sideways and opted to instead smash through the barrier… and several of my ribs.

My thoughts come to a halt as I am sent tumbling away, desperately trying to breathe with the air knocked out of me. When I finally stop rolling I am left gasping pathetically on the ground as I nurse my ribs.

Afeuro, now well aware of my ability to recover, begins walking towards me to finish this. The look on her face is not one of joy or victory, but one of disappointment.

In one last hail mary attempt, I drag myself to my feet, still fighting to fill my lungs with air, and use earth manipulation to create a long stone spear. I turn it into iron using transmutation before picking it up and throwing it with all of my remaining strength.

Afeuro doesn’t so much as slow her approach, and simply lifts her blade gingerly in front of her face to block the incoming spear… However, the clash of metal she was obviously expecting never came. As she lowers her massive weapon that obscured her vision she sees the spear suspended there in front of her, in a thick barrier that wraps around her.

She immediately attempts to swing her sword to break it, but her weapon is too massive for the small barrier cast around her. There is no space to swing it. She drops the sword and immediately starts beating on the walls of the barrier, cracks forming with each attack.

Thankfully she focused on the wrong part of my trap.

I thrust my sword towards her and yell out with all my might

“Ai-Fa-Aer Stun!” and as I do a stream of lightning shoots out from my blade and into the iron spear

Although I can not hear a peep through the thick barrier I created, as the lightning passes through the rod into Afeuro she looks as if she begins to writhe and scream in pain.

For a moment I think I’ve won, and she stops beating on the barrier, but with the lightning coursing through her and a new anger on her face, she resumes her assault on her prison.

What is she?!

I attempt to raise the power of my lightning, but my mana has already reached the bottom of the well. Desperate I try still, hoping that she goes down before I fall from mana-loss.

As I feel my consciousness begin to fade there is a change in the lightning. It begins to shift from a bright purple to an ominous black color. As it does Afeuro reals back in pain once more.

More desperate than before she begins to punch the barrier with all of her might, but just as it looks like she is about to escape her strikes begin to slow until finally… she falls to the ground.

Unable to keep them going any longer I release both spells, and as the harsh crackling of the lightning stops, silence sweeps the arena.

“…It’s… IT’S OVER! The upset of the century has happened, and Mano was progressed to the final round!”

Hearing the official words my strengths seeps out from me. I fall to the ground, wincing at the pain in my ribs. My mana is gone in its entirety, there is none left to heal myself.

“That was an absolutely incredible match! If I didn’t know any better, I would actually say she could give you some trouble in tomorrows match Yuusha-sama!” The announcer excitedly continues, ignoring my collapse

That’s fine. I don’t need help or anything. I only have several broken ribs and can’t move due to my lack of mana.

“Hard to say… She was clearly hiding her true strength. She hardly used her sword in the match at all after all. I’m sure she will pull out an even more surprising move during our match.

No? Nobody is going to acknowledge the fact that I’m not moving? I could be dead you know? Also, stop focusing on my sword skills so much!



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Small delay

Will probably be a few more days before the chapter is out. Nothing really came up this time, I just completely lost track of time :/. It should be up before too long though. This one is really easy to write thankfully so I’m almost done with the first draft already.

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MTY: Chapter 127

Seeing that tiny devil walking towards me, my body screams at me to run away. It’s not like the pressure she has been giving off has changed at all, but it is clear as day that her smiling is a red flag. I fight my legs to stay where I am as she grows closer and closer.

From what I’ve seen watching the other matches, it seems like poor etiquette to get too close to the opponent before the match starts, and yet she continues closing the distance between us until she is standing right before me.

“You… stronger now… how?… no, don’t care… this will be fun.” She says as she fights back an even bigger smile

Is that what it is? She is just happy to have a good match? Just how much must she have been looking down on me before then?

“I’m glad this seems to be entertaining you. I have no intentions to lose today, I will be coming at you with everything I have.” I respond trying to muster courage into my words

How did she instantly grasp my power? Most of the reason why this fight has had me so on edge is that I can only guess at how powerful this little girl really is. My only clue has been that everybody that’s seen her fight in the past is confident I will lose. Yet, she seems confident that she knows exactly how strong I am at only a glance. Even if she is using magic or some kind of skill what could she be measuring? Neither my stats nor my level has risen since the last time we met, they have probably gone down since then actually.

“Mm… good… Let’s kill each other… give it your all!” She says with slow excitement

The girl before me looks like a child delighted to death to have a new toy to play with. To be able to request a fight to the death with such a cheery look… what must this girl have experienced up until this point.

“It seems our fighters have wrapped up their introductions with one another! The tension down there is palpable! This is bound to be exciting!” The announcer starts to excitedly rave, raising the crowd’s excitement with every word

Afeuro takes the queue to return to a reasonable distance. I suppose I should start my preparations now.

“Here to help me commentate on what I’m sure is going to be an amazing match we have a surprise guest!” The Announcer enthusiastically yells out

“I’m so excited! I finally get to see the master swordsman lady fight!” I hear in a dreadfully annoying voice

They brought the Yuusha out to commentate?! Why?!

“Oh? Did you not catch any of Afeuro’s previous matches?” The announcer asks in a curious tone

“Hm? Oh, no not her! Mano! I’ve only had the chance to see her sword skills in action once, but it was soooo cool! She saved me from a monster!” The idiot barks out

How in the world am I going to focus during this fight while I have this moron spouting nonsense the whole time?

“What is that?! To think Mano was a master of the sword enough to even impress the Yuusha! Although we have seen her bring a sword to the last match we never got to see her in action! To think such a swordsman will be going up against the ‘Monster Slayer’!” The announcer reacts with surprise

great, now everybody is going to be paying attention to my horrible sword skills. Wait… maybe once the Yuusha sees that I’m just an amateur with a sword he will finally leave me alone. I wonder if it will be worth it though? I can already here Shishou’s mocking remarks after I embarrass myself out here.

“I think we have kept the people waiting long enough don’t you esteemed Yuusha? Would you like to do the honors?” The Announcer asks coyly

“You bet I do! Ahem…. Let the fight begin!” The Yuusha yells out signaling the start of the fight

As much as his babbling irritates me, I am ready at his signal. Without wasting a moment both Afuero and I start moving.

Afeuro, of course, came dashing straight towards me, while I dashed as quickly as I could away.

While I have already set the preparation for my strategy, I’ve got to get a read on how she moves before I can spring it. How exactly is it that she attacks though? I’ve heard rumors of her wielding tremendous weapons, but she is currently unarmed. She was also unarmed when she lobbed off that massive orcs head, however, so I can’t let my guard down.

“…Don’t run.” I can hear her faintly say as she stops in place and points her hands to the sky

As she begins to chant something too quiet for me to hear at this distance the air above her begins to swirl.

“Sorry, but I’m not the kind to let my enemies charge up their attacks. Now!” I yell out as I focus my Mana

In response to my command, a dozen metallic hands rupture from the ground and grab onto Afeuro.

“?!… how! no… chant!” She lets out in surprise and she tries to wrangle herself free

Perhaps because her chant was interrupted the spell above her begins to fade.

It seems like my gamble paid off, my lack of chanting made her let her guard down against magical attacks. It seems like it was worth all the trouble and danger I went through to get this.

Chantless casting: The ability to omit the chanting process before casting a spell.
Simultanious casting: The ability to cast up to 3 spells at once.

I suppose I should thank that granny from the Mages guild next time we meet.

“This won’t… stop me!” Afeuro says angrily as she begins to strike the hands

“That’s not going to work! I’ve transmuted those golems dozens of times! At this point, they should be dozens of times stronger than iron!” I say as I begin casting a small fireball

While we were waiting for the match to begin I poured as much mana as I could into those golems. Not needing to chant means being able to silently set traps like this even when I wasn’t technically allowed to. I probably would have been disqualified if they had anybody trying to detect magic before the fight, but thankfully it looks like they didn’t. The kingdom is rather sloppy in how they manage this tournament, aren’t they?


I continue to refine the fireball I cast moment ago, making it hotter and more dense by the moment. Even with my fire resistance, the heat becomes too much for me to handle, and I have to cast a barrier between me and it. Since I managed to get her to stand still long enough to charge up an attack I’m not going to waste it. I’ll aim to finish this in one move.

“…You have got to be kidding me.” I say in disbelief as the small girls strikes manage to shatter one of the metal hands grabbing her

“I suppose this will have to be enough!” I yell out as I throw the fireball at her as fast as I can manage

As it streaks through the air the light around it begins to distort, and the ground beneath it begins to scorch.

Seeing this Afeuro changes her attention from the hands to my attack.


Just as I think my attack has hit its mark, I see it split into two and land either side of Afeuro. As the two halves of the fireball hit the ground they erupt into a fire that swiftly covers large portions of the arena.

In the midst of the fire and the smoke stands Afeuro still in the grasp of my golems… wielding a tremendous blue sword… smiling.

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MTY: Chapter 126

After much deliberation, we all decided we should join the subjugation force. To the best of my knowledge, none of the people that gathered to join should have the capacity to defeat my Wil o’ wisp, but it will likely be investigated further during this subjugation. I can’t afford to let others learn more about it, but I also need to find out for myself what exactly is going on with it.

None of the abilities I gave it should let it raise or control the undead, so why is it traveling with a horde of them? Did it evolve these abilities on its own? If so, how? I’ve not gained any EXP since I created it, and it doesn’t have any offensive capability to gather any itself. It should still be floating around at a measly level 1.

All of these questions compounded my worry when I made my first attempt to answer them.

Summon Failed
The target has resisted summoning attempt


So apparently that can happen. When I told Kera about it she seemed just as flabbergasted as I was. It seems a contracted monster resisting a summoning attempt is completely unheard of. That only made me even more sure that the Wisp must have evolved on its own somehow. Even if I can’t handle the power inside of it yet, I have to absorb it back into me before it becomes a serious threat. Something with half my total power that refuses to obey me could become something truly fearsome, even for me.

Unfortunately, that will all have to wait, however. The subjugation force will move out in three days time to intercept the undead horde, whilst they wait for backup from nearby towns and cities to gather together. Undead are a weak and terribly unintelligent monster, but their strength lies in their number. In a group as large as this the threat is considered top class it seems. Though I have my suspicions that the delay’s true reason is to avoid interfering with the tournament. After all, most of the adventurers around are already in the city for the festivities.

With the daylight quickly fading, I spent what little time I had after registering for the quest training with the new ability I received from the headmaster. With the worry about the wisp still fresh and weighing heavily on my mind, I managed to do little but confirm that the ability worked before turning in for the night.

The next day came before I knew it, and now I am sitting in the waiting room for the next fight wracking my brain trying to think up a strategy to win the next round.

knock knock

A cold chill goes down my spine as there is a knock on the door.

Is that the attendant coming to tell me it’s time? I’m not prepared yet!

“You alive in there? Figured you could use a pep talk.” I hear Shishou’s voice say from beyond the door

“Oh, it’s just you. Come in!” I yell back as I let out a breath of relief

At this point, I’m just stalling. My confidence in my old strategy has been slowly falling since last night. I’m untrained in magic, and completely new to this new ability. A lifetime of training isn’t going to fail just because I throw what amounts to a mere gimmick at her.

“Wow, I’ve never seen that look on your face before. Not even when I was beating the tar out of you. I didn’t figure you would be this shook up.” Shishou says as he enters

I say nothing in return. Honestly, I can’t think of what to say.

I don’t even know why this matters so much to me. Even if the Yuusha wins I can just follow his party to the previous Maou’s castle. Even the deal with Juire doesn’t matter to me that much since I could just threaten him if need be.

I don’t even care about winning, it’s just that the idea of losing here scares me. I’m not even facing the Yuusha yet. The monster I’m about to go out there and face is nothing but a small human child. Despite that, I can’t help but think it would take a miracle for me to go out there and win today.

Up to now, I had been thinking that my only real threat was the Yuusha, but slowly I’m coming to realize that there are those that could kill me any time they wanted to. With my enemies numbering so many, do I really have any chance of surviving all of this?

“Oi! Head out of the clouds!” Shishou shouts startling me out of my deep thought

When I look up at him I see an expression of frustration and anger. His teeth gritted together, and his hand balled into a fist.

“You are strong. Stronger than any warrior I’ve ever trained, stronger than anybody I’ve ever known, and as much as I hate to admit it you are stronger than me. How could someone so much stronger than me give up on a fight before it’s even started?! How could you be content to believe you would lose before you are anything short of a bloody mess that has put forth everything you have to win?! Have I not managed to beat even a little sense into you yet?!” He says with a tone that starts softly, and ends with him all but screaming at me

As he speaks his tone becomes more ferocious as anger and determination fill his eyes.

“What are you talking about?! You told me yourself you didn’t think I could win!” I yell back

“Who cares what I think?! You will always have people telling you that you can’t do something! I think your some sniveling brat who doesn’t deserve the power she’s been given. think you’re going to waste it! It’s your job to prove me wrong! At the very least your not allowed to give up until you’re the strongest there is!” Shishou snaps back furiously

knock knock knock

“Um… sorry to interrupt, but the fight will be starting in a few minutes. It’s time for Mano to make her way to the arena.” The attendant says as she pokes her head into the door

The poor girls face is full of anxiety and embarrassment. She must have heard a fair deal of this through the door.

With the mood interrupted Shishou’s anger begins to deflate, and he starts to look as though he regretted what he was saying.

sigh “Before I fight the Yuusha you really need to work on your pep talk Shishou. Treat me to some ramen when I win, okay?” I say as I walk past him to follow the girl

“…I will” The proud old man says after a short pause just before I’m out the door

He’s right though. The odds were stacked against me from the very start, so what’s the point of growing all meek here?

“AND AS OUR CONTESTANTS WALK ONTO THE STAGE IT IS JUST ABOUT TIME FOR US TO START THE SEMI-FINAL ROUND OF THIS YEARS TOURNAMENT!” I hear the announcer scream over the intercoms yet again as I walk into the open arena

It doesn’t seem to bother me as much this time. Perhaps it’s because the ringing in my ears doesn’t even begin to compare to the volume of the heartbeat in my chest.

As I stare across the way to the other entrance I can see Afeuro walking out. As her distant eyes meet mine I see something that shakes me to my core. Her usually plain unchanging expression turns into a wicked smile.

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MTY: Chapter 125

“So, with your enrollment secured, how would you feel about a tour of the campus? With so many of our students absent I’ve got plenty of time to spare!” The young instructor asks me as we walk away from the crazy dean’s office

“Perhaps some other time. Why exactly is the academy so devoid of students?”  I ask out of curiosity

I remember him talking about something happening that spooked them all away, but he never said what it was exactly. If I’m going to be returning here in the future I should probably figure out what it was that started this whole mess.

“…I suppose there is no harm in telling you. Even if something like this happens again i’m sure you would have little to worry about.” The boy says as his look turns a bit sour

This idiot just put me in the same room as that psychopath. As beneficial to me as that may have been, I’m not exactly going to trust his measure of “safe” at face value.

“During the entrance exam, one of the students magic went wild. She was only supposed to produce a small fireball but instead, she produced a military grade fire spell that almost wiped out the academy. Much of our student body is made up of the children of nobles, so some have taken to calling the incident a purposeful attack against the nobles.” The young instructor explains with a pained look

Wait… isn’t that story familiar?

“What happened to the student? I imagine the nobles wouldn’t let something like that go easily?” I ask

“We denied the student entry to the academy, but it seems the nobles wanted more of a punishment than that. Until a little while ago there was a huge rush among the nobles to track down the young girl, but it seems she ended up joining the Yuusha’s party before anybody found her. Now she is basically untouchable.” The boy continues

So it was him after all. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s not like I didn’t already know that kid was a dangerous wackjob. That Yuusha sure knows how to pick ’em doesn’t he?

The instructor still seems to be misunderstanding his gender though… Meh? Not really my problem at the end of the day.

“So everybody left because they were scared of another attack? Wouldn’t increasing security solve the issue then?” I ask

I don’t know exactly what it is that they intend to have me do, but it should be pretty easy to up the security if the students are mainly nobles. I don’t see why I’m even needed?

“That’s just it, nobody is really scared of the attack. With my grandma here just about anything short of the Maou isn’t really a threat. No, the reason why everybody is gone is the nobles have begun to boycott the academy.” He answers

Is that loli-baba really that strong? I mean I know she had me on the ropes, but I’m still far from the strongest thing out there. Heck, I don’t even know if I’m the strongest thing fighting in this tournament. If someone like Afeuro attacked the academy would the dean really be able to beat her?

“Like I said before, they think that our punishment was far too light. They claim that less harsh punishment is a direct insult to the honor of the nobles. The more influential families have started boycotting the academy and forced even the more reasonable nobles to withdraw their children.” He explains as he clenches his hand in frustration

sigh “I think I’m starting to see the issue here.” I say

So it’s another matter of the nobles causing issues then?

bzzt “Hey, princess. Got a moment?” I hear Kera’s voice say through the comstone in my inventory

There is a hint of urgency in her voice.

I pretend to pull the comstone out of my pocket as I remove it from my inventory to make the sight of me responding less weird.

“Kera? What’s up?” I respond in an anxious voice

“The adventurers guild has put out an urgent request. You and Kiel should be exempt from accepting since you are in the tournament, but it sounds like something you should check out.” She continues in the same urgent tone

“What do you mean? What’s up with it?” I ask hoping for more info

“We can talk later” she sharply responds before the call ends

“I’m sorry, but it seems like we will have to pick up this conversation another time,” I explain to the boy as I shove the stone in my pocket and quickly dash away

The look on his face is also one of worry, which is probably why he didn’t try to stop me at all.

I swear if this all turns out to be some prank by Kera, I’m going to finally beat some sense into her.

On Kera’s instructions, I rush to the adventurers guild, where a large group of what seem to be armed adventurers have assembled out front. I suppose it would be more accurate to say that there are so many of them, that they are pouring out onto the streets.

With so many people here I can’t even make my way through the crowd to see what the commotion is about.

“Oi! Princess!” I hear Kera call from behind

When I turn to see her I am surprised to see that she has already gathered everybody, and they are waiting as a group nearby.

“What is all of this about? Did people learn about me?!” I whisper in a panic to her after rushing up to them

How big of a large scale subjugation does this have to be to need this many people? I didn’t even know this many adventurers lived in the capital? It’s only several hundred, but even still it seems like a rather ridiculous number.

“Don’t get scared, you’re still in the clear… well mostly. Here, this is what everybody is freaking out about.” Kiel says as he hands me a flyer

I take it from him and begin to carefully read it.

The flyer describes a large army of undead that has started moving as a group towards the capital. It seems the reason why this is such a big request is due to how quickly the undead gathered, and the fact that they seem to be moving with a purpose. Undead are a rare occurrence, and they lack most forms of basic sentience. The signs point to something raising them and controlling them.

At first, I feel a sense of relief as I read the flyer. It doesn’t mention anything about the possibility of it being the Maou at fault. Until the last line…

“…An unknown pink ball of light has also been seen with the horde on multiple occasions, caution towards it is advised.” I read aloud

Kiel gives me a knowing nod.

Great, the first tragedy that I’m actually the cause of is a result of me trying to make something as harmless as possible.

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Small update

Expect the next chapter sometime around next week. I’ve been trying to get this chapter out for a few days now, but I’ve had so little time to write these past two weeks that I haven’t really been able to focus on it. Rather than rush a chapter out I would rather make sure it is something i’m happy with first.

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